Tigers News · Player/Spectator Info. for Aug. 25 Softball Game at Widefield Community Center

Hello Tigers and Tiger Fans,

Information for Players and Spectators for Softball at Widefield Community Center on Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020  GO TIGERS!

Following CHSAA Guidelines and based on recommendations from the El Paso County Health Department, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Governor Polis’ Office, and the National Federation of State High school Association, athletics are permissible following strict safety guidelines as established by the district.

Expectations to Participate and Spectate: Outdoor Sporting Events

PARTICIPANTS  All participants – players, coaches, cheerleaders, band members, game workers – to include officials will undergo a pre-participation health screening.  If a participant answers yes to one or more of the questions, they will not be allowed to participate and will be directed to adhere to CHSAA/WSD3 Covid-19 practices  All participants – players, coaches, officials and game workers will wear a mask when they are NOT actively participating in the game.  When watching from the sideline, not playing or listening to a coach, a mask is required.   If not engaged in the direct competition, all participants will adhere to social distancing practices.  All participants will have their own water bottle and will not share food.  Widefield High School will NOT provide visiting teams with water.  Please bring extra.    At the conclusion of the game, teams will not shake hands, fist bump or participate in any other form of social interaction (team break etc)  After the game, all participants will be expected to leave the facility immediately after the game.  There will be no post game gatherings.

SPECTATORS  All spectators will observe strict social distancing – seated six feet apart from other groups – unless seated with those they reside with.  All spectators will wear a mask while watching the game – even at outdoor events.  After the game, all spectators are expected to leave the facility immediately after the game.  There will be no post game gatherings.  If the facility reaches maximum capacity, spectators will not be permitted to enter the facility.