Tigers News · Update on plans for Summer Athletics/Activities

Hello Tigers and Tiger Fans,

The following is information on how we will progess with the June 1 date of local districts making the decision of how to move forward with Athletics/Activities. 
As much as we all want to get back at it and begin working with our Student/Athletes again, we must direct our decision on the philosophy of Go Slow to Go Fast.  As many of you know within our district, a number of productions, camps, baseball summer season and summer school have been either canceled or postponed until at least July.  In accordance with this and after seeking counsel/guidance from our central office, we will also fall within this status with Sports/Activities. This will help to keep some consistency with the other educationally based activities such as Extended School Year and The Summer Reading Academy/Summer School. Canon City Schools Central Office personnel are meeting on June 15th to discuss how these programs might look and will roll athletics/activities into a similar discussion mid-June. As has been stated in many other areas, this pandemic is far from over and we want to ensure we don’t try to step out to do too much too fast. As we get closer to mid-June, we will discuss with our upper district administration for guidance and direction.
So, put simply, there will be no organized athletics/activities for the month of June.
Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.  Everyone’s health and safety is the first priority.
Hang in there, Tigers